Gray Spaces

Welcome, friend! It’s been so long. Grab a beer, grab a beer!

Waiter, we need another glass, and probably another round right after this. You know what, keep ’em coming until I lose count!

Oh, yeah of course you can have a stick. How’s your week going so far? I saw the latest batch of photos you uploaded on Facebook, seemed like fun! All those smiling faces and beautiful places really tell me you’re living the dream! Yet you feel discontented? I suppose I understand. Tell me more about things you wouldn’t dare post online. Of course, of course! I won’t tell anyone. I get how frustrating these things can be. Pour some more beer and pour out all you’ve been keeping inside.

Tell me about your friend – the one you’re texting right now. They seem interesting. Hold on, they seem wonderful! Those adventures you have sound exciting and fun. I can’t wait to meet them! Are they coming here? Of course they’re welcome – the more the merrier right? Well I’d love to hang out with them soon hahaha!

What are your plans next week, by the way? Wow, sounds like you’ll be quite busy! Those are some incredibly big goals you’ve set for yourself. I know, it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it!

Wait, isn’t it still early? I didn’t even notice the time! We can go someplace else that’s still open, if you want? You really have to leave? When will we hang out again? Yeah I’m usually free at around the same time most days. Wonderful. Take care on your way home, it was really nice seeing you!

I don’t want to go home yet, not to those gray spaces and dimmed screens where you’ve been filtered to match the furniture.


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