Past on Film

” I chanced upon footprints after footprints that I’ve left all over the internet…”

I happened upon this WordPress account while trying to create a new one – I’ve quite obviously forgotten that I’ve already created a blog here back in 2008. I’ve already deleted my previous attempt at blogging, primarily due to the fact that it looked more like a revolution manifesto than a blog, and didn’t have any content worth keeping. However, while creating Pens & Shutters, I also chanced upon footprints after footprints that I’ve left all over the internet, some of which I’d rather forget.

ForFlickr (37)

The fact that I can’t delete that webpage will bother me forever.

Nonetheless, I’ve rediscovered some gems I thought I lost long ago when I had to build a new PC rig from the ground up. (Come on, I was abandoning a Pentium 4 in the year Sandy Bridge processors were already widespread.) Thankfully, I’ve regained access to one of my Flickr accounts. However, given my propensity to create accounts and forget about them, I couldn’t even figure out which email address I used for my other, older account.

I’ve instead decided to share what are perhaps some of the oldest photos I’ve ever taken. All of these were shot with my Canon EOS 10QD and an 18-55mm stock lens, but I can’t share any EXIF data since I used film and never took notes. I used to have my rolls developed and converted to digital form at Digiprint.

I took this photo during my uncle’s wedding day, where I decided to try being an event photographer.
This was a multiple exposure shot at a cultural exhibit in SM Megamall, Ortigas. At the time, I thought it was a nice blend of native culture and commercialism.
This was shot in an empty classroom at school.
This was a 30-second long exposure shot of EDSA. I had to place the camera on a ledge and hope that the train’s vibrations won’t create too much blur in the photo.
I  just randomly decided to walk outside with my camera one day when I was still living at a dorm in Katipunan. When I looked up, I saw this beautiful angle and just had to take a photo. I’m still quite proud of this photograph. While I didn’t get to experience that same feeling again during the rest of my random walk, nor most of the time whenever I have a camera with me, I’d still rather be ready to click.

3 thoughts on “Past on Film

    1. I daresay we’re lucky Friendster and Myspace didn’t maintain their popularity. Imagine the horrors of looking back and seeing the silly little beliefs our then-limited worldviews allowed us to entertain. Then again, I suppose these tidbits of nauseating memories can help for posterity’s sake:

      “Kids, this is why nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m.”

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