Sins and Synergy

“I look at our world and I see how these four “sins” shape and drive us towards progress and glory, or defeat and destruction.”

Back in high school, I was enrolled in a private Catholic university which had, as part of its high school curriculum, a Religion subject. One discussion that really piqued my interest was that of The Seven Deadly Sins. To recap, they are lust, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy, pride, and greed.

Being of a rather inquisitive nature, I had to ask myself why these are all considered sins. I suppose there’s no getting around gluttony, wrath, and sloth – but envy, lust, pride, and greed? Why?

Why should envy be a sin?

Why should it be a sin to be envious of someone who has more than me? Why should I not have a burning passion to strive to have what he has, and perhaps a bit more? Why must I not succumb, when I have recognized what it is I want and that I’d be willing to work hard for it?

Why should lust be a sin?

Why does physical attraction need to be demonized, when it feels so natural? Why should I temper desire for someone – a desire which conquers oceans and moves mountains? Why can’t I let lust be translated to the most beautiful song, or poem?

Why should pride be a sin?

Why can I not bathe in the success I worked so hard for? Why mustn’t I take comfort in knowing what I am capable of? Why should I deny myself the gratification of having achieved something, and therefore in knowing so lose my will even beforehand?

Why should greed be a sin?

Why shouldn’t I take what I can, when I can? When should I stop, and when does it become greedy? Is it indeed greed whenever I take what I think I rightfully deserve even when others say I’ve taken more than my share? Who’s to decide what too much means?

I look at our world and I see everyone operating for their own interests. I look at our world and see that greed, lust, envy, and pride are all part of who we are as humans. I look at our world and I see how these four “sins” shape and drive us towards progress and glory, or defeat and destruction. I look at our world and understand that we would be better off admitting we are sinners in synergy with the fires caused by our sins, burning brightly against the unmotivated darkness.


2 thoughts on “Sins and Synergy

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    1. Hi Jane! Thanks for the support, I’m quite glad you enjoyed what little I’ve done here so far. I’ll be sure to update this often and I made the Follow button easier to find in the menu (turns out my theme doesn’t display it by default).

      I’ll do my best to post better and better content each time. 🙂


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